Welcome to the Red Nose Group

The mission of the Red Nose Group is simple: We want to make people smile.




Where I got the idea:
I heard about a man, a friend of a friend, who is an imposing 6'5."  Not only is he tall, but he is a big man with a presence.  When he is in a public place, like the subway in NYC, or wherever, if he sees/feels the general mood of his fellow human beings to be down, he reaches into his pocket and puts on a red nose.  At first no one really notices, and then as people begin to look at this large man with a red nose they cannot help but smile.  MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

The idea is to take someone out of the down spiral they are in and shift them into a present and absurd moment.  When I heard about this I was profoundly moved.  So, I went out and bought a red nose at a costume store.  I tried it on the subway, much to my teenage son's embarrassment. 

You know what happened? -- people smiled. 

I invite you to join us.  Help make people smile.